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Transfers on airports

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On North {Northern} Pomerania we are a most experienced carrier bringing of Passengers on airports. For a dozen or so years we testify shipping business to German cities ( under the address ) and  Polish airports. On the airport in Gdańsk we are averagely every 2 hours by day and averagely every 3,5 hours at night , and at least 4 times are daily  the departure from /on the airport. Characteristic for our company Volkswagens Multivan / Caravelle / the Conveyer can be met most often on the airport of the name of Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk , at the first taxi  which leaves , on the other side takeovers for pedestrian, on our designated stop through the Harbour Board of Of air. as the only carrier, from Słupsk, Koszalin and regions we are recommended by Lech Wałęsa Airport.

For several years , most often we bring on the airport in Gdańsk taking , our passengers in the address of the residence, in Kołobrzeg, Koszalin or Słupsk. The superb knowledge topographers of cities and the quick verification of appointed points of delivery cause that passengers are taken in time , and after behind this suitably earlier the driver informs about the access under the appointed place, so that our customer have time on the abolition of the baggage etc. Furthermore we serve with baggage.

- airports in Goleniów,  Poznań, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, or any other  place in Europe and also other orders are treated , as individual  passages - on order.

Using our comfortable passages you will reach  efficiently and conveniently on from / and to the airport in Gdańsk . If however the hour of the departure or the arrival of the bus is not for You convenient, we propose solution being with the ideal alternative - individual passages. For business Customers we propose passages with exclusive vehicles  Audi A8, Mercedes  and BMW.

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